• 20 years of service to the Mauritian Global Business industry

  • Formed in 1997, the ATMC is the flagship representative body in the global business industry. Most of our members are Trust and Management Companies licensed by the Financial Services Commission (FSC).

  • About ATMC

    The Association of Trust and Management Companies ("ATMC") was registered in 1997. It is the flagship representative body of the global business industry and currently represents not only its 65 direct members comprising of management companies, lawyers and auditors but also the 71 Corporate Trustee companies and managed trust operations directly associated with its management company members. Accordingly, ATMC represents the interests of over 100 operators in the Global Business industry.


    The main objectives of the ATMC are to:

    • Support the development of the global business sector

    • Encourage closer cooperation between members of the Association

    • Provide a forum for discussions and exchange on matters of mutual interest encourage the maintenance of professional and ethical standards within the industry provide training and networking opportunities for its members both locally and internationally; and

    • Work in close collaboration with Government agencies, Tax Authorities and the Regulator on industry issues.