• 20 years of service to the Mauritian Global Business industry

  • Formed in 1997, the ATMC is the flagship representative body in the global business industry. Most of our members are Trust and Management Companies licensed by the Financial Services Commission (FSC).

  • Committees

    The ATMC has a Managing Committee and a Secretariat. A number of sub-committees have also been set up to deal with specific issues that affect the global business industry.

    The management of the affairs of the Association is conferred on the Managing Committee (MC) which is composed of nine members are elected on a yearly basis at the Annual General Meeting, which is held during the month of April.

    The MC represents the Association in all circumstances and is empowered to take all decisions in the best interest of its members and in the attainment of the objects of the association.


    The Managing Committee for the period 2019-2020 is constituted as follows:


    President: Mahesh Doorgakant representing Apex Fund Services (Mauritius) Ltd

    Vice-President: Shahed Hoolash representing Deutsche International Trust Corporation (Mauritius) Limited

    Secretary: Roshan Nathoo representing Rogers Capital Corporate Services Ltd

    Assistant Secretary: Madvi Jeebun representing DTOS Ltd

    Treasurer: Yan Ng representing Intercontinental Trust

    Assistant Treasurer: Gordon Stuart representing Accuro Trust Mauritius Ltd



    Assad Abdullatiff representing AXIS Fiduciary Limited

    Poonam Keenoo-Seegoolam representing Mauritius International Trust Company Limited

    Rajan Rosick representing Trident Trust Co Mtius Ltd



    The Managing Committee is empowered to set up sub-committees and to designate members of the association to form part of such sub-committees to cater for the promotion of specific objects of the Association.

    The following Sub-Committees have set up and become active whenever there is a live issue.

    1. Sub-Committee on Tax matters, chaired by Mr Gordon Stuart

    2. Sub-Committee on FATCA, chaired by Mr Shahed Hoolash

    3. Sub-Committee on Implementation of CRS, chaired by Mr Shahed Hoolash

    4. Sub-Committee on Captive Insurance, chaired by Mr Richard Li

    5. Sub-Committee on Guidance Notes to supplement the FSC Code of Business Conduct, chaired by Mr Assad Abdullatiff

    6. Sub-committee on AML/CFT & Compliance, chaired by Ms Madvi Jeebun