• 20 years of service to the Mauritian Global Business industry

  • Formed in 1997, the ATMC is the flagship representative body in the global business industry. Most of our members are Trust and Management Companies licensed by the Financial Services Commission (FSC).

  • Membership

    The ATMC has adopted a new set of Articles that welcomes new types of members to join the association such as: 

    Join ATMC and enjoy the following benefits, amongst others:


    • Company Details 2 3 4 5 6
    • A Company A Group Member An Individual
    • 1 Designated alternate of the principal representative 3 4 5 6
    • 1 2 Group Member 4 5 6
    • 1 2 3 Upload Documents 5 6
    • 1 2 3 4 Agreement 6
    • All required documents in support of this application have been submitted in accordance with Article 10 of the by-laws of the ATMC
    • I / We are not currently being investigated by the Financial Services Commission/ any other regulatory authority, whether in Mauritius or overseas
    • I / We undertake to abide by and observe the by-laws of ATMC, at all times
    • I / We confirm that we have read the ATMC Code of Ethics & undertake to adhere thereto, at all times
    • I / We have not been subject to disciplinary action, at any time, by the Financial Services Commission / any other regulatory authority, whether in Mauritius or overseas
    • Our qualified trustee licence is currently valid and complies with the provisions of the Financial Services Act 2007
    • I / We meet the criteria applicable to a member and each member of the group is linked to each other either by way of sharing common beneficial ownership, being part of the same holding, being managed entities of the same FSC licensee or in any other manner where common purpose or a close common relationship may be evidenced. We are responsible to the ATMC for the observance of the rules and standards of the ATMC by each constituent entity of our group
    • 1 2 3 4 5 Fees & Payment
    • Cheque Bank Transfer
    • Any Management Company which has a turnover, during the period it is incorporated & licenced and thereafter annually, not exceeding USD100,000 at any time may join ATMC in the category of “Member (professional individual)”. This category carries an entrance fee of Rs15,000 and annual membership fee of Rs13,500. The entrance fee may be payable as follows: 50% on application being approved and 50% at the end of the following quarter.

    • Entrance Fee (Rs) Annual Membership Fee (Rs)

      15,000 60,000

    • Group Member comprising of number of members: Entrance Fee (Rs) Annual Membership Fee (Rs)

      2 25,000 100,000

      3 35,000 100,000

      4 45,000 125,000

      5+ 45,000 + 5,000 per additional member 166,500+25,000 per additional member

    • Entrance Fee (Rs) Annual Membership Fee (Rs)

      15,000 13,500

    • The easiest and most effective way of making a payment to the ATMC is by making an online bank transfer to our bank account:

    • Bank: HSBC Mauritius Limited
      Account Name: Association of Trust and Management Companies
      Account Number: 001-137108-016
      Bank address: Place d’Armes, Port Louis
      Swift: HSBCMUMU